Cross Dressing

I started cross dressing in June 2015.

This was a strange development for me since I had very little inclination to wear women’s clothes during the first 32 years of my life.

Fortunately my wife has been very accepting and supportive. When I told her that it had crossed my mind to try on women’s clothing, she encouraged me to go ahead and try it. I told her that I was not sure what would happen, meaning I was not sure why it was significant to me, and I was not sure what was around that corner of my psyche.

It came up infrequently, but it did come up periodically. She continued to be supportive, and I continued to hesitate.

Finally, she went out of town for a few days on business. This was my chance to try on women’s clothes alone. Although she had been supportive, this seemed such a private experience that I had to be alone. Also, I did not know how long it could take to remove eye makeup and nail polish, so I wanted lots of time to myself.

I rifled through my wife’s clothes looking for something that I would like that would fit me. I found a red short sleeved mid-length dress.

To be continued….


(transvestite, transgender, cross-dressing, cross-dresser)

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